Friday, July 31, 2009


What do you mean I'm boring?

If you're not hip to the current issues between Warner Brothers and the estate of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel (a beef you can read about HERE)then you probably don't know that if WB doesn't spew out a Superman movie by 2011 they lose all rights to the character. With that in mind the long delayed return to Superman has been fast tracked overnight.

According to sources nobody was happy with Superman Returns (which I understand though I didn't think it was awful) so this film will be a complete re-boot. The studio sees Superman Returns as a bookend to the Richard Donner movies so they won't be asking Brandon Routh back to reprise his role as the Man Of Steel and between the fallout from the project and Bryan Singer begging for his X-Men job back he won't be returning either.

From what I understand the Wachowski Brothers (or brother & sister) are trying to pitch an idea with the director of their new film Ninja Assassin (check trailer below) to helm. As usual Hollywood is going about this the wrong way because that's all they know how to fucking do.

Superman Returns was chock full of ego and mistakes. The budget was too big, the casting (for everybody except Superman I felt) was way off and the fact that it was a drawn out melodrama all served to hurt it. However it is still the last thing people remember and trying to "reboot it" won't wipe that idea from people's minds. If anything Hollywood is going to make it more difficult by trying to round people up to give yet another actor a chance as Superman.

As for the Wachowski's, well, my issue there is that they love to fuck things up and masquerade it as "pushing the envelope" or "thinking outside the box". Want proof, watch the last Matrix movie or Speed Racer. I'm afraid with the essence of Superman intact leading to a disappointing movie with Superman Returns the Wachowski's will be able to just go out. We might be faced again with the latex Superman suit with an "S" that becomes two knives or other things equally as lame.

Keep Routh as Superman and get him some acting lessons to be able to play angry and fire everybody else (to be honest nobody remembers them anyway) then have somebody write in a more action oriented villain e.g. Metallo, Brainiac, Doomsday, Bizarro, etc. If you make a decent action and story film ala The Dark Knight and let Routh continue as Superman you'd have a sure fire slamdunk.

Reboots aren't the answer to everything.

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