Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's so rare when I get this excited about something but when one of my favorite comic book writers/artists teams up to draw graphic novel version of my favorite books I almost can't help but fire semen out of the tip of the penis.

In 1962 writer Donald Westlake (writing under the pen name Richard Stark) wrote one of the greatest crime novels since Dashielle Hammett titled The Hunter. It was the story of Parker a hard as nails thief and criminal who is hell bent on getting revenge on those who wronged him. Westlake's ability to tell a story combined with his ear for dialog made these books absolute genius. I've only read the first two mainly because they are out of print and near impossible to find.

Darwyne Cooke, the genius behind Batman: Ego, Cat Woman, The New Spirit and the life altering JLA: The New Frontier is perfect to bring these books into the world of comics. Not only does his art work perfectly here but he has the reverence and love of the books that shows me he won't fuck it up. Just dig this art:

These hit this summer and I can't fucking WAIT!!

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