Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I wrote an article on the hypocrisy of people's reactions to the death of Michael Jackson. Since then it's gotten the FUCK out of control. The response to this guy's death is a glaring example of just how ridiculous we are as a country. Currently our President is in Russia trying to jump start talks on nuclear disarmament and that is a distant second story to the massive funeral of a pop star.

I've watched Jermaine Jackson sing on the Today show and milk the attention, then there's Al "Excuse Me Somebody Might Have A Camera On" Sharpton who can't stop sliding into frame whenever anybody mentions Jackson. Then the scum lawyers and "friends" and everybody getting their few minutes off the guy's death, it's become this giant squirming maggot farm with white larvae feeding their hungry cuntish selves on both the memory and the controversy.

Add to all of that the fact that this guy was a singer, A SINGER!!! That's it, he sang and danced and hoo hooed himself into millions of record sales and this somehow saints him? When Elvis died people all around said "Yeah but he was a racist" and now those same people are saying "Forget the controversy, think of how Michael entertained people". Now comes the best part, this circus of a funeral, this disgusting example of celebrity gone berserk will cost the taxpayers of Los Angeles 3.5 Million Dollars.

Yep, the state that's going bankrupt, that's firing policemen, firemen and teachers will be spending 3.5 million in security and police so people can hold hands and sing Man In The Mirror while crying over a person they don't know. I can't imagine how the people trying to feed their families with a pink slip feel watching their tax dollars go to bury this guy but if it was me we'd be knee deep in another LA Riot.

I know nobody cares about my opinion but I had to say something, call bullshit on the whole thing even if only for my peace of mind. I've watched local politician and vibrating sleezeball Deval Patrick squander money on everything from furniture to billboards while simultaneously firing workers we need, cutting funding for state programs and then laying a bigger tax burden on those of us who managed to cling to our jobs. At this point I think Patrick and LA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger should battle it to the death and the winner gets to be killed.

So if you're in LA at this "event" then you should be ashamed of yourself, all of you should.


  1. I agree 100-fucking-percent!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more.
    - Ethan (Friend Of Ryan Downey)