Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Here is a new photo from the sure to be shitpile Halloween II sequel that Rob "I Won't Rest Until I've Made The Ultimate Awful Movie" Zombie is releasing on August 28th. I enjoy this photo mainly because if I close my eyes and concentrate then open them up really quickly I can Zombie's wife in place of the girl.

Zombie's wife is one of the most appalling things about all of his movies. Sure she's easy on the eyes, sure you'd hit your grandmother in the head with a shovel to ride her but that doesn't mean she can act. Apparently in this one she's dressed like a refugee from the new Alice In Wonderland and she follows Michael around driving him to kill. Nicely done Zombie, way to take any mystery or intrigue out of the Michael Myers story so your wife can get her 15 minutes.

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