Friday, July 31, 2009


According to all the other sites that actually get their news from cool Hollywood insiders Ridley Scott has agreed to take time off of his Pulitzer assured Monopoly movie to direct another Aliens movie, this time it's gonna be a prequel to the first Alien movie.....oh goody.

From what i'm getting the movie will be about where the aliens are from and how they got aboard and killed everybody on the ship that the crew from the first Aliens found them. There are a couple of reasons that this idea sucks glazed donkey nuts. The first is that unless Scott goes deep into the origins of the Aliens or something like that to create a different feel this new Alien movie will basically be a re-make of the original Alien film only with a new crew and a bigger budget. If he does go into some deep origin tale it'll fuck up any and all remaining mystery about the Aliens.

What we have here is a Catch 22 about a film series nobody gives a fuck about. I love Alien, the original film is still amongst my most prized movie watching experiences ever. From there I just begin to care less and less. I know, I know I'm some kind of Geek World Anti-Moniter for even suggesting that I don't care about James Cameron's Aliens but them is the facts.

I loved Aliens when it first came out but as time goes on it doesn't stand up to repeat viewings. Alien was not just a weird, claustrophobic thriller it was also a really solid character study about the people on the Nostromo. I can only watch Bill Paxton say "Game over man, game over" or Sigourney Weaver scream "Get away from her you bitch!!" so many times before it becomes silly.

I see Alien as a long drive in the country and Aliens as a roller coaster. Both are fun but the former you can always do and love while the latter really only works sometimes and even then it's kind of boring. As for Alien 3 and 4 well they basically just seemed like ham-handed ways of trying to re-launch something that was never meant to be a franchise.

By doing that Alien 3 and 4 killed off so many primary characters (especially 3) that it almost seemed to say the first two were unnecessary. More than just being bad films they seemed really insulting to the first two which were actually good movies. Yeah, even though I don't watch Aliens anymore I can't front on it being a decent action movie.

The Aliens vs Predator movies were just awful but mainly because they were celluloid versions of potato chips or soda. Just product to be shoved down people's throats bearing no actual nutritional value at all.

With the new movie I'm sure the Hollywood sharks will rev up a hype machine nobody can withstand and the film will open to big numbers. After the falderall the movie will slink into a niche behind all the other sequels until somebody needs a summer blockbuster and the large alien heads are dusted off once again.

It's sad really that the evils of Hollywood have done such terrible things to those innocent aliens but hey, that's Hollywood ;)

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