Monday, May 17, 2010


I've been away for awhile and I am sorry about that, it couldn't be avoided. I was down south visiting my family and while my mom does have internet it's not very good and she owns a Dell which makes accomplishing anything damn near impossible. When I returned today, outside of my Iron Man 2 review, I was assaulted with many, many weekend and previous weeks news items and most of the, well, I didn't really care about at all. Here again are my top five weekend news items I don't care about.


So after 20 years NBC pulled the plug on the long running procedural drama just before it broke the longest running drama series record left by Bonanza (21 years). Do I think this is kind of fucked up? Sure, it's too bad they didn't spend some of their NBC trillions to let the show limp across the 21 year finish line but really who cares. Law And Order hasn't really been any good since Jerry Orbach left and it really shit the bed once Batman's dad was hired to be the prosecutor. With the show having languished in mediocrity for the last several years it's hard for me to care that it's gone.

4. Sylvester Stallone Might Be Replaced As Rambo:

Let's get this all on the table so we can move on as a people. First Blood was a tremendous movie, everything else involving Rambo sucked ass. That's it, there is no argument, that is the reality of the situation. So whether they back a Brinx Truck up to Stallone's yard and dump the equivalent of a small country's national debt into it to get him back or they re-boot the series, really, who fucking cares?

3. Battle Royal To Be Re-Released In 3D:

I have to not care about this because if I let myself care I'll start killing people randomly.

2. NBC Announces Their Fall TV Line Up:

Hmmm, let me see if I can guess. Some shows stay, some shows go, new shows launch of which a few will suck, a few will be okay and a bunch will be cancelled. Then mid-season replacements come about and suddenly the talk turns to the next new season. This matters why again?

1. Smallville Shows The Costume:

So in the season nine finale there's a dream sequence and then a gift sequence where fans get to see a flash of the Superman suit they've never shown before. As much as I love me a good cocktease, I need to be hard for the action first. Smallville has sucked ass for two seasons so suit or no suit who the fuck cares.

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