Thursday, May 27, 2010


So the Hollywood cash machine is rolling along with the plans to turn as many comic properties into films as they can. First up it looks like James McAvoy from Wanted has been chosen to play a young Professor X in X Men: First Class, a film that traces the earliest days of the X-Men. For those unaware here's a shot of McAvoy.

I have no inherent problem with this guy though I did think Wanted was a giant turd trying to pass as an action movie. Can he play Professor X? Perhaps, though I doubt he'll erase the idea of Patrick Stewart as Professor X much the same way nobody has shaken the image of Christopher Reeve as Superman. While I'm not a huge X-Men fan I think this is a mistake, that doing a fourth film to make up for the third X-Men movie is a better play. I also think getting Matthew Vaughn to direct is a mistake but that's mainly because I hated Kick Ass.

In other superhero movie news, with Batman 3 looking for a summer 2012 release it appears now that the next Superman reboot will be hitting theaters for the 2012 holiday season. With Avengers hitting that year it might be a DC/Marvel throwdown. It appears that a script is finished for The Flash movie and a green light is very near for that movie. Still in development are Wonder Woman and Aquaman though they're both closer to green lights than they have been.

As for Green Lantern, apparently two years after the movie comes out an animated series will launch. Why two years? Beats me

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