Friday, May 28, 2010

The Third LOST BOYS Movies Looks.....Uh.....Good?

Okay let me qualify that statement by saying that it looks good by contrast to the last movie which sucked huge hair asshole. I'm not sure exactly how they launch this one since the end of number 2 (yes PUN INTENDED) made it out that Corey Feldman's brother was now a vampire and coming to get him. Plus I'm interested in how they explain the vanishing of Corey Haim's character or if they don't say anything at all. As for what the new Lost Boys The Thirst looks like dig the trailer:

See what I mean? It doesn't look half bad in a straight to DVD mega violence kinda way. No it won't be the first one but at least The Frog Brothers won't be second tier to a bunch of unknown super model shitbags. I also dig that Feldman is looking old and worn, adds something to it. This movie may suck ass but I'm holding out for to be at least enjoyable.

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