Monday, May 31, 2010


So the longer version of the Scott Pilgrim trailer came out and oddly it left me way colder than the first trailer, which actually had me interested in seeing the movie. I have no real problem with Scott Pilgrim other than I just don't care and most of the people I see carrying the book or talking about how brilliant it is I want to beat to death with a rusty crowbar...but I digress. Scott Pilgrim is one of those properties I just see nothing special in. It's a cute book but the wink-wink cleverness of it got to me by book 2 and I was ALL done with it.

The trailer goes one better because it makes Ramona Flowers look like a real cunt. First of all her general attitude is I'm so AWESOME that I'll ignore you, treat you like shit, make you work and work for a date and then if I dane to let you go out with me you have to fight my 7 evil ex-lovers because apparently I'm such a cunt it drives people insane. WOO HOO does THAT sound like some bitch I wanna deal with. True the chick who plays her is kinda hot but nothing else about her seems desirable enough to do battle over.Oh and I'm sick as shit of that Cera kid doing the same thing and still getting work.

Anyway, here's the trailer.

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