Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Third Who Gives A Shit Moment OF 2010:Stallone Retires Rambo

When the last Rambo movie came out Sylvester Stallone claimed that it was the reinvention of the character. From there rumors began to spread about what the next movie would be. Most thought it was going to be about human traffickers while others said it was Rambo against these weird hybrid wolf soldiers.

Whatever it was, it would only be a matter of time before Stallone unveiled his latest Rambo action fest. Then, last week, Stallone told his publicist that he was pretty sure there would be no more Rambo films. No reason, he just was confident they were over.

My question here is; Who cares? I don't mean that in a horribly mean spirited way but seriously, who cares? Rambo was a cartoon character hero that embodied the eighties Kill 'Em All Let God Sort 'Em Out vibe of Ronald Reagan. The sad part is the original character from the book and film First Blood was an interesting, mullti-faceted guy who was stripped of everything.

That whole aspect of Rambo was shitted away to make him an uber-buff killing machine for the era of excess. Rambo hasn't been relevant since Rambo II and the last film was more a nostalgia trip than a good movie. So who the fuck cares if there are no more Rambo movies?

I don't.

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