Thursday, May 27, 2010


Being a lifelong Batman fan fewer things fill my bile ducts with venom faster than the rancid shitfest that is The Return Of Bruce Wayne. Hack writer Grant Morrison (yeah, I went there, step up bitch) has been ass fucking Batman since Batman RIP and now has decided not to finish until Batman's ass drips Devil Semen for the rest of his life. Issue number one of this debacle was incredibly stupid but issue #2 took it down a whole new fucking door. God I hate Morrison.

Now comes the DC Direct toys which look really cool but I won't buy because they have to do with one of the worst things associated with Batman since the characters creation in 1939. These figures cover Caveman Batman, Pirate Batman, Pilgrim Batman and Cowboy Batman. They hit stores in April of 2011, which blows mainly because I'd hoped by then we could all forget about this god awful series. Anyway, here are the figures.

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  1. Wow. I can't agree with you more, man. Grant's the WORST thing that happened to Batman since the nineties. I mean, first RIPoff, then Final Copout, and now this?! The most insulting thing is how he thinks he's doing some extra special story "for the ages" with this. Seriously, Grant? You really think Caveman Batman was a good idea? And how annoying is this: Everyone from fans to reviewers seems to think this guy can do no wrong.