Thursday, May 6, 2010


I don't usually put links to other sites interviews mainly because it's usually sanctimonious dribble about the power and genius of being an actor/musician or it's just somebody hawking their new...whatever. Sometimes though an interview comes along that's so rich I have to let everybody know how good it is. Over at IESB there's an amazing interview with Richard Dreyfuss who not only talks about new projects but also candidly talks about Hollywood and his career. Dreyfuss' honesty is refreshing and though he may be a prick he's a goddamn funny prick. Here are a couple of choice quotes:

On Returning To Film:

"I had this fantasy that, one day, I was going to take an ad out in Variety and say, "Thanks for the 40 years. Bye," and never come back. And then, as we all do, we went through divorces and life's losses and I couldn't afford to quit. I didn't have the money. I couldn't say goodbye because I had to occasionally have an income coming from the one thing I knew how to do. So, I could never take the ad out, but what I did was stop being actor-centric. I was no longer seeking work and I was no longer trying to produce films or pitch projects, and I left. I take work now, for the most part, for two reasons. One is because, if you turn it down, you're an idiot. This role is one of those roles. And, the other reason is money. So, when people asked me why I took Poseidon, which was a piece of crap, I said it was because they were willing to pay me the salary that I used to get paid."

On Playing Dick Cheney In W:

"I looked forward to playing [Dick] Cheney (in W), until I met Oliver [Stone]. Then, I looked forward to humiliating Oliver, as much as I could."

For the entire interview just click RICHARD DREYFUSS INTERVIEW

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