Monday, May 3, 2010

MY Top 5 Comics From Free Comic Book Day

As always this years Free Comic Book Day was a rousing success with thousands of free comics handed out across the nation. I love FCBD, it's one of the only non-polluted things left in my life to look forward to. Christmas is too commercialized, Halloween has become to "cool", and outside of wednesdays being comic book day the whole Free Comic Book Day thing is a rare day of total bliss. This year there were a lot of great books out and after reading them I came down with my top five favorites.


I picked this issue because it actually got me interested in Superman again. The last year or more with Supes has been a total suck fest and the announcement of this War Of The Superman had me rolling my eyes heavily. I have to say this issue #0 introducing General Zod's plot to attack Earth with 100,000 of his men all with Superman's powers kicked a lot of ass. James Robinson for once wrote a tight and none convoluted script and the art from Eddy Barrows is really solid. The comic did exactly what it needed to by setting up War Of The Supermen and leaving on an ending that will push people to buy the series. It also showed how good Superman can be when it's done right.


I dug this because artist/writer Dan Parent brought it back what Archie is all about. The recent marriage issues just fucked up the whole Archie idea as have these newer issues with "realistic" artwork. Here Arch and the gang head to the beach for some summer fun and enter The Archies into a local concert. Along comes a rich and mean spirited girl from the "private" beach section of Riverdale and it's up to the gang to show her she can't treat people like they work for her. This led me back to when I was a teenager sitting outside in the park reading comics alone as opposed to playing organized sports.


How do you go wrong with Matt Fraction writing and John Romita JR laying down the art? You can't, there's no way. Truth be told had there been no dialog this issue still would've killed because of Romita's eye smashing pencils. That man is comic books, he is the epitome of how comic art should come across. Bold, colorful and looking like a comic book. Plot wise it's a fun superhero yarn with funny quips back and forth between Thor and Iron Man. Total thumbs up book.


Melvin Monster, Tubby, Nancy, Choo Choo Charlie and Judy Junior? That's all we need say about this issue.


I gave this the top spot over Yow mainly because it was an original yarn that totally captivated me. The story of bounty hunters looking for mystical objects is so well written I can't wait for the first official issue in July. Written by Cullen Bunn with art from Brian Hurtt, The Sixth Gun is a supernatural western that voids almost every cliche this genre can fall into. Great characters, a solid set up the book leaves you with questions that must be answered. I'm also a sucker for a well drawn, noir western, dark and violent shoot 'em up. You combine that with elements of the supernatural and demons and fucking A I am on board!!

So that's it. Now I have to go start counting until the next Free Comic Book Day.

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