Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amityville Horror House Up For Sale

The house pictured above is the infamous Amityville Horror House which inspired both the book and the movie and horribly bad sequels and remakes. The lovely home located at 108 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, NY was the site of the grisly DeFeo murders where Ron Defeo JR killed his entire family in 1974. Then several years later the Lutz family was traumatized by thumps, bumps and demonic ramblings (like blood in the toilet) which sent them screaming into the night. Since then the original address has been changed as well as the spooky windows to deter movie buffs from bugging those currently living in the house. This is what old Amityville Horror House looks like now.

As far as the history of the house after the Lutzes left and the bank foreclosed on the place it was purchased by James Cromarty who lived there 10 years claiming nothing weird ever happened save for movie folks driving by and breaking. Cromarty sold it to another family in 1987 who sold it in 1997 to somebody named Brian Wilson. If you want to own the house all you need is $1.5 million bucks and the unique fixer upper is all yours.

Who wants to chip in?

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