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I try not to get too involved with politics because it's nothing anybody will speak about in a real and concise manor. Nobody gets together and discuses anything, instead they fight and argue and try to center their party to be ruler of the universe. Our political system is so corrupt, so devoid of anything besides theft, bribery, collusion and so on that it only represents the worst in who we are.

However watching this whole business about a Mosque being built near Ground Zero and the incredible amount of ignorant hysteria around it sickens me. Let's clear something up right now, let's just set it in stone so we can move on. The Muslim Religion had nothing to do with 9/11, nothing at all. If you have even a general idea of what Qur'an is or what it's about you'll know that a Jihad is both a war of faith and a practice to combat oppression against the Muslim religion.

If it has a war ideal to it, it's fighting against other soldiers and people who create violence against the Muslims. Killing thousands of innocent people is not what the Muslims are about, it was a bastardization of the meaning by a war mongering political faction.

Sound familiar?

We in this country have oppressed, destroyed, fought and killed over our idea of Religion being the correct one for hundreds of years. What is the difference between George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden? Well, both are spoiled rich kids handed a huge leadership they then used for personal gain. Both have poisoned the idea of faith and religion for political reasons and both send others to die in a war they started. Not to mention both have killed thousands in the name of their persona beliefs. However if a church was refused in a Muslim community America would shit itself.

Moving away from all the political semantics there was no actual Mosque to be built anywhere fucking near Ground Zero. First of all it was a (approx) 15 story community center with a Mosque in it. It would also have a culinary school, after school programs and other community based things open to everybody. If all races and creeds are there when exactly are the people crammed into the top floors worshiping their God going to train terrorist soldiers? The entire idea is ludicrous.

The building is also going to be about five blocks from Ground Zero not on it so lets at least get the facts straight. According to a few news reports there is a full fledged Mosque even closer to Ground Zero that's been there undisturbed for longer than the Twin Towers were around. Let's face it folks, the terrorists have won because we are no longer America.

Every hillbilly redneck who is protesting this Mosque or any person that believes it is disrespectful has basically shit all over what America is supposed to be about and the memories of every soldier that died for the ideals of America and the flag. If we are now so terrified that we can begin dictating what can be done in the name of prayer we're no longer America and 9/11 has done it's job for the terrorists.

Trying to hide this fear behind a respect issue could be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Does that mean certain parts of the world should kick out all the Catholics because of the Crusades? Should the world fear America because we believe in a God that has caused more harm and death than any other? No, of course not because those who have done that don't represent our God correctly.

Much like the terrorists and the Muslims.

Americans love to get on a kick about how fucked up it is that everybody blames all of America because of the actions of a few e.g. racial murders, swindles that rob people of everything they have, etc. Aren't we doing the EXACT SAME THING. Are we so blind and stupid we can't even see that? We've taken a request to build a Community Center with a Mosque in it five blocks from Ground Zero and treated it as if these people wanted to build 70 foot posters of Osama Bin Laden right where the buildings fell.

I lived in NYC most of my life and I was there when the attacks happened. The way we reacted, the sense of us vs them, the nationalism that crept in over night was embarrassing. I remember certain idiots burning down delis and stores owned by families from India because they thought they were Muslims. It wasn't a time of great unity, for the most part it was utterly horrific how people responded.

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat so you can shut that shit down right now. I don't blame Republicans or the right because those who hold close to that party are delusional soldiers who live to take orders and obey no matter what the reality is. The Democrats are pussies, little bitches who talk a big game and then don't do shit. As Lewis Black says our two party system is basically a big bowl of shit looking at itself in the mirror.

Before anybody tries to throw the "you didn't lose anybody" card let me squash that beef right now. My father died of AIDS, a violent, horrific disease that invokes nearly as much ignorance, violence and terror as the idea of terrorists moving into the city. I've had people from all religions tell me my father was burning in hell, that God killed him because he deserved to die, that AIDS was God's way of purifying our world.

Those specific people I want to beat to death with a pipe however if people not like that who still followed those Religions wanted to build a church near me I wouldn't call it disrespectful. I'm not a dick or hateful to people with faith because of a few assholes. See what I'm saying?

America needs to shit or get off the pot. We have two choices left and the time to make that choice is now. We either aspire to be the America we say we are or we don't. To be the America we say we are then we take the high road always. We believe in Freedom Of Speech even if we don't like what we hear, we don't take political or Armed Forces shortcuts, we always do what's right, just and considerate of all people.

That way will lead to attacks from those who think it's weak, to people who will exploit our high road and use it against us, it won't be easy. However if we did it then we would be that shining example and other countries would take up with us and a sense of brotherhood could emerge.

The other choice is to stay 'Merica, that good old boy redneck ideal that we have now. We keep doing all the underhanded, ignorant, violent shit we always have done but we own up to it. Instead of pretending we're a shining example and then really being underhanded scum (which is why so many hate us) at least if we came clean we'd be honest. I'd hate to live here but at least the hypocrisy would be gone.

I'll fight, kill and die for America but 'Merica can kiss my ass. I don't want to be from a place that dictates who can be in love and be married, that apologizes to BP for being treated harshly after they released a natural disaster the likes of which we may never recover from fully. I have no interest in a place where teachers, policemen and fireman are losing their jobs while mammoth corporations proven guilty of theft hand out big bonuses. Why would I want to fight for a place where anything can set off a chain reaction of violence and ignorance?

And why would I be proud of a country that keeps people from being able to worship in times when faith is all a lot of people have?

America dies a little more each day and 'Merica grows stronger. If 'Merica continues to progress the way it has then how far from another Nazi movement are we really?

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