Thursday, August 5, 2010

Could This Be A Reason DC Animated Is Failing?

I figured this is better then an ad for the movie AND she plays Supergirl

On the DVD for Batman Under The Red Hood there was a ten or so minute mini-documentary on the upcoming Superman/Batman Apocalypse movie. Now I'm as big a fan of the "A" man as anybody and I'm also amped whenever Kevin Conroy works as Batman's voice but seriously, another fucking Jeph Loeb story? Seriously, I mean Christ even producer Bruce Timm looks ambivalent to this and longtime animated guru of awesome Andrea Romano is trying to sell it way too hard. Here's little documentary thing.

Other than the fact that I could watch Summer Glau do anything that whole bit of business is incredibly uninspired. First off the director looks like an extra from Beetlejuice with a Meth addiction and all she can say besides how great it is is how the artist draws the women really long? Hoo fuckin YAH does that inspire me to run out and buy this.

This could all stem from the fact that I hate Jeph Loeb because he fucked up Wolverine AND Hulk or it could be because this kind of rehash shit is what's keeping DC Animated down. They went from Batgirl Year One and Teen Titans The Judas Contract to this? Unless this comes with a Summer Glau naked pleasing herself easter egg you can pretty much count me out of this.

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