Monday, August 23, 2010


Usually this blog is mostly for me to be snarky, grumpy and downright mean. However sometimes something comes along that is too important for all of that. A Film Unfinished is just such a movie. The documentary deals with a discovered reel of the Nazi propaganda machine. Thus far most of the Nazi footage we've seen is inside the death camps but this reel is a different kind of horror, a deeper lie than we've known before. Here's the trailer:

The Nazi's not only slaughtered millions of innocents and through that action destroyed lives of people still living today, they hoped to try and turn the world against those they slaughtered through misinformation and lies. In a time when this same kind of deceit is being used to insight panic against a simple Community Center being planned "near" Ground Zero I think this film is something we all need to see.

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  1. You lived in New York, how many km/blocks/miles (whatever) would you say the Burlington Coat Factory was from the Twin Towers? Just curious? You won't agree with my opinion but I don't think the mosque should be built there. Just out of respect. But then again, I don't live in New York & have only been once so I could tell exactly where it's located. It's just me but I consider it a sign of disrespect. Those people protesting are families of victims of 9-11. I can understand the backlash. What do you think?