Monday, August 2, 2010


GODDAMN IT!!! I keep denying myself a blu-ray player by coming up with all kinds of reasons, mainly trying to hold out until Jaws is released on the mighty Blu-ray. I'm usually good at living with my decision until shit like this comes along. FIRST it was the fucking brilliant Aliens boxset and now it's the 25th Anniversary Goonies Set. I'm a huge Goonies fan, fucking enormous and this speaks right to the inner geek in me that has no idea what bills are or a budget is or who those folks calling ask to speak to Mr. Robinson about payments. Check this thing out

Not only does it have the ass kicking movie in blu-ray goodness it also comes with a ful board game, a souvenir magazine from 1985, A new Empire magazine with set photos and an update on the cast, storyboards, Commentary by director Richard Donner and all seven main cast members and who knows what else. I was bummed there was no Sloth figure, Chunk red jacket or Pinchers Of Peril but you can't have everything. View the majesty!!


  1. That is cool! Is that a replica map of the treasure location or is it a board game to the left? It should have come with the doubloon that was in the film too. Oh well, still cool as hell though!

  2. Don't answer the question about the board game? Idiot question I asked.