Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As the two or three of you who check out my blog know I've been rattling my saber pretty hard about how bad Smallville has been sucking this year. As I continue to watch it is getting better but the two big blisters on the big toe of the program remain formidable enemies to anything resembling the show being great. The first is obvious, Lois Lane, she sucks and is sucking the soul of the show out with her. The second is really the guy that's playing General Zod. He's playing it all wrong plus somebody needs to hold him down and give him a shot of the old "Over Acting Anti-Venom" because this guy is way too much right now.

Zod is a soldier, a planner, a strategist and a kick ass motherfucker. Callum Blue is playing Zod like a little bitch, a conniving princess who has more of a place on Gossip Girls than Smallville. This guy also tries to play ever scene like it's the final act of some Shakespearean tour de force. In short, like with Doomsday, he sucks balls as a villain. BRING BACK LUTHOR!!!!

But I digress....

The above picture is the first of Hawkman from the January 29th Smallville TV Movie featuring the JSA. As you can see Hawkman looks pretty much like, well, Hawkman which I find bizarre since Smallville prides itself on going outside the comics on the characters both origin and look. I think it looks cool and I'm also interested in what Dr. Fate looks like. I know I'm in the minority here but I'm amped for this episode.

I just wish they had brought Sandman to, think how cool he would've looked!!

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