Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So there a couple or remakes in the works and oddly enough I'm not raging against both of them. Usually when I hear about a remake I start making with the mail bombs to send off to various Hollywood studios but not this time. Well, actually, I'll still be building half as many bombs but at least it's a start.

The first remake is The Crow and while the spineless corrupt and black hearted people on the "inside" claim it's not a remake (e.g. it's not Eric Draven) but a reboot I'm still going to have to put the big middle finger in this remakes face. First of all the original Crow was so good, so wonderfully done that the subsequent mouth raping sequels are not only bad but almost pure evil. Now when you mention The Crow few sit up and remember how good Brandon Lee was or how well the movie was executed, instead the snicker over the stink of the shitpile the sequels left. Now just to make sure a new era of kids can't discover the glory of the first Crow they're gonna reboot it (a term I fucking HATE) and shove the Brandon Lee movie down a garbage disposal forever. I hope this time the fake gun goes off and kills the people who thought of this idea instead of a good kid on the cusp of being a big star.

The second remake is for The Howling and I have to say I'm not unhappy about this one. I'm sure the old school faithful will want to spill my blood for this but let's be really really real and face the truth. The original Howling wasn't really all that good. Sure it was moody and weird but as far as being a quality film The Howling broke its leg almost right out of the gate on that one. Bad effects, a shoddy script and powerful bad acting led this to be little more than a B movie with a following. If Hollywood is hellbent on remaking a movie let them remake this one and maybe at least kick the werewolf transformations up a notch. Hopefully it won't be as bad as the New Moon transformations but who knows.

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