Thursday, November 5, 2009


As those who read this blog know I have long since given up reading or even caring about Marvel Comics on any level. That being said there are some things that will always call me back because I'm just a sucker for certain Marvel characters. One of those is the Ditko/Lee created Dr. Strange. In the early eighties when I was looking to expand my comic book world beyond Batman, Green Lantern and Wolverine I stumbled upon a comic featuring a man with a huge cape, his fingers arched bizarrely and all of this light and color around him. He was battling what looked like a cosmic demon and BAM I was fucking hooked.

Since then, as with everything else, Marvel has shit all over Strange whenever they can. Their most recent bowel movement on the good Dr. was to remove him as the Sorcerer Supreme for using Black Magic to save the Avengers. Strange was replaced with--I shit you not---Dr. Voodoo who essentially looks like a eighties wrestler. Apparently this has led to Marvel giving Dr. Strange yet another mini-series (could we get a monthly, PLEASE) which I will have to pick up because I'm a sucker.

Here's a preview of the comic from the folks over at NEWSARAMA