Tuesday, November 3, 2009


If you thought the advent of Hulu.com and Fancast.com had thrown a serious monkey wrench into your world then get ready for even less productivity in your day to day life with jaroo.com. Jaroo is basically hulu or fancast for the kiddie sect and is chock full of cartoon goodness from back when cartoons were more important than live action teen shows on saturday mornings.

Right now the site is beta testing so they have some awesome stuff (Inspector Gadget, Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century, Paddington Bear, etc) and some less known and kind of crappy stuff. Regardless it's all fun to watch and once the beta test is over and this thing kicks into high gear the possibilities are endless. If The Real Ghostbuster or Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends or Mr. T or Dungeons And Dragons or any of the shows I grew up loving hit that site you may never see or hear from me again.

For now enjoy JAROO for what it is.

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