Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Apparently the CW has announced that the Geoff Johns penned JSA Smallville story featuring Hawkman, Dr. Fate and a few others will not be a two parter but rather a two hour movie airing on January 29th. The CW has also said that they're giving the two hour movie a much bigger budget than originally slated. This new information is confusing but then all the weirdness going on outside of Smallville has been almost as dramatic as the show itself. It's as if the CW doesn't know exactly what to do with the show because while it may not be crushing in the ratings it is one of the few shows on the CW that's stood the test of time. I think the honchos over there would find it a real feather in their cap if they could give Smallville a ten season milestone before pulling the plug.

The problem is mainly that season eight and thus far in season 9 Smallville has sucked gigantic donkey balls (though I will admit I liked the episode involving "Speedy"). Part of what makes the show so expensive is Tom Welling (Clark/Superman) and his back-the-brinks-truck-up-to-my-door salary. Outside of that they have special effects and all kinds of shooting issues and so far haven't seen a huge return on it. Mainly the problem is that the whole "Blur" thing is lame, the big built up fights usually come across as seriously anti-climactic and of course the swollen puss filled canker sore named Lois Lane who now the show is starting to focus on.

However with all this going on CW maintains they want a tenth season, the actors say they're on board and with this two hour movie bigger budget deal whose to say what's right. One day Smallville is a ratings sink hole and we'll be lucky if season 9 doesn't end using sock puppets and cardboard cut outs and then the next we're looking at big budget JSA movies. Of course it's not like the CW has much more going on TV wise but still, I'd like to know if the show is coming back for a tenth season or not way before they shoot some cliffhanger they then can't resolve.

Oh and CW, wanna make season ten kick ass? Bring back Luthor and have Tess & Lois fight to the death and the winner gets to be killed. I'd much rather see Clark end up with Chloe anyway.

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