Monday, November 9, 2009


So I guess now that Bono has dug deep into his friends pockets to try and save the incredibly expensive and incredibly stupid Spider-Man musical (titled Turn Off The Dark, I shit you not) he can pretty much do whatever he wants and nobody will say a fucking WORD!! So Bono pours through as many Boy Teen porno mags as he can until he pulls out this photo and decides this is the guy to play Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the musical.

Yeah right, maybe if Spider-Man centered around male prostitutes or what makes a great Calvin Cline male model I'd buy this guy as Spidey but for the Spider-Man I know it would to be a big fuck you. Perhaps Bono is has been so busy applying layers of chapstick to his world wide kissed ass that he lost his mind and decided Spider-Man is now about an Emo band looking for a singer. Whatever it is it's going to suck big asshole. Take it from one of a dozen guys who saw the musical Carrie before it closed, this guy shouldn't quit his day job.

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