Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I try not to rant too heavily about political issues on this blog mainly because I started it to make people laugh and talk about the dorky stuff that I love every day. The recent events in Maine, the state overturning the right to Gay Marriage has driven me to write this because I'm just so ashamed to call myself an American right now. It's more than just the anti-gay movement but if I start getting into every reason I get sick thinking of the direction our country is heading I'll crash the blogspot server. So let's stick with the anti-gay movement, let's stick to that one despicable piece of Americana.

For those who don't think I have any first hand knowledge of the problems in the Gay community let me set those fears to rest by telling you about my father. Ronald Thomas Robinson was one of the most spectacular human beings I have ever known. Brilliant writer, loving father, compassionate human being. I was lucky to have even known the man much less be able to claim he was my father. He was also gay and died much too young from complications due to the AIDS virus. My father had caught the disease during the early eighties when so little was known about the AIDS and he fought it for years before it claimed his life.

Most of my friends were from nuclear families, the kind that these right wing Bible thumping political morons would have loved and most of them got divorced. These super straight ultimate American fathers, almost without fail, left their children after the divorce and moved away. They never saw their kids or they were too busy with new wives and children or they just didn't care. My father never lived more than 30 blocks from me and he was always there, even when I didn't deserve it.

My father had two partners in his life and he was committed to both of them like I have never seen. His first partner died of AIDS and my father was there every second. Cleaning up after him, bathing him, feeding him, etc. They were a real life married couple and the same held true for my dad's second partner. That partner did for my father when he was dying what my father did for his first partner during his ordeal. The dedication and love going on there was just that, dedication and love. It wasn't gay love or homosexual love it was love, pure and simple.

My father taught me about compassion and about generosity of spirit. My father welcomed everybody with open arms as did his partners and their friends. How many so called "Good Christian" men are homophobic, racist, misogynistic and so on? It's not that all gay men and women were perfect but my father's friends were always much more easy going about people. My father was a very big fan of the golden rule as were most of his friends. Most of these hateful bigots feel the Golden Rule on applies to them and nobody else.

My favorite claim is that gay men are promiscuous and cause the spread of the AIDS virus. Sorry ding dongs you're waaaay the fuck off base there. Gay people did more to galvanize themselves and start preaching the gospel of being careful and smart about sex than any other group. Most of the real problem comes from men who lie about being with hookers, junkies or Gay men who aren't careful and remain closeted. As for being promiscuous, Gay men and women are no more that than straight men and women. Some gay couples are monogamous, some open, some honest, some cheat, some have one partner, some have multiple partners...JUST LIKE FUCKING STRAIGHT PEOPLE YOU IDIOTS. Why when a guy goes out and bags 30 women is he king shit of the world but a gay man who does the same is a scourge?

Here's the reality of the gay world, here's the man behind the curtain. You ready.....drum rollll....they're no different than anybody else. When you really stare at it, when you really fucking look at the situation gay people simply have different sex partners than the baby making population. That's it, that's all, nothing else. Effeminate, quiet, butch, loud, leather clad or suit and tie, none of that shit is any different than the multiple personality quirks of the straight world. I hate to sound all hippie on it but we're all just people with varied personalities and interests and so on. Being gay doesn't instantly mean you're a good person and being straight sure as shit doesn't instantly make you right.

Most anti-gay folks whip out the Bible and religion when casting their own net of ignorant prejudice. So how does this work exactly? How do you people know what God is thinking? I'm guessing he doesn't sit down and chat with you so you're basically assuming or paraphrasing. WOW, assuming what God is thinking, I don't know if I'm that sure of myself y'know?

Some say it's the Bible and that they use that for guidance. Yeah I hate to break it to you but the Bible was written by men, most likely scared men looking for some order in their world. Didn't any of you Bible thumpers find it odd that women were looked down on, different races were looked down on, anything not having to do with straight men was looked down on? Do you really think that a God of love would write something like that? No it was men, men who have managed to fool everybody into thinking this is the word of God.

From what I understand God is love and that's how I see him. I see God in my fiancee Sara when that feeling in my heart punches through every time she comes close to me. God is in the way children look at their parents and how parents sacrifice everything for their child. He's in the heart of the guy who runs into the burning building to save somebody, or the person who gives money to charity. God is in a simple hug when somebody is feeling low and even how animals look to us to take care of them. Oh and I realize just now I'm being sexist, God could be a woman so put He/She were I put only he.

God is not hateful, he/she is not this deity that sits around and decides how to make people's lives difficult. God does not look at a wonderful, giving and caring human being like my father and cast him into a burning pit of fire because he likes men. Somehow I think God has better things to do in all of the Universe than spite men for sleeping with men and women for sleeping with women. If he really is that awful and vengeful then fuck him because I'm probably already doomed.

Some say homosexuality isn't natural and maybe in the idea of baby making it's not. However there are animals that suddenly pair up with the male of their species and that's not nurture, that's instinct. You can't raise somebody to be Gay, either they are or the aren't and anything else is bullshit. A gay couple with a kid CAN NOT RAISE A KID TO BE GAY!!! If the kid is gay he/she would've been no matter who the parents are. It's not an abomination to nature it's part of nature it's just an offshoot of the baby making straight feelings we have. Denying a loving Gay couple a kid is basically fucking the kid over for your bullshit ideals. How fucked up is that!?

Let's just say for the sake of argument the anti-gay folks are right and gay people will burn in hell and are an affront to God. Um, okay, so who cares? That's their business not yours. If they are going to burn in hell then let them worry about it, stop wasting everybody's time by actively complaining about something that has nothing to do with you. There is so much work that needs to get done on real problems why waste the world's time with your personal gripes?

Oh and spare me the bullshit about gay men being deviants who lure kids into the homosexual lifestyle or use them as sex toys. Go back and look at the facts, kids are done more harm by straight men and PRIESTS than any members of the gay community ever have. Oh and as far as Gay men in the military or on a police force being "less than" their straight counterparts. I've seen many many gay men and women beat the fucking shit out of people who start shit with them so don't get any ideas. Being gay doesn't mean you're suddenly weak or too scared to fight. Don't believe me? Go start some shit at a gay bar, see how long you remain standing.

What Maine has done denying gay marriage simply fosters hatred and misunderstanding. It also gives way to more wasted time over this non-issue. People must understand that being anti-gay is the same as being racist or misogynistic, it's all just evil hatred wrapped up in different packages. Everybody on this planet deserves the right to be happy and feel loved, period end of discussion. Anything else, any rules or guidelines or exceptions to that fact are bullshit Evil, hateful bullshit spewed out by ignorant fools who are so scared of their own shadow that anything that's not them must be destroyed.

The alienation and persecution of the gay community is just another sign that AMERICA has devolved into 'MERICA, a place where the few control the masses and where some ancient good old boy ideal has become the rule of thumb by which we're supposed to live. There is so much going wrong right now, so much happening that needs to be fixed and yet we waste time over being anti-gay or racist or whatever. Having those feelings, while I don't agree with them, is your right but to use them to negatively effect people's lives is in my mind criminal.

If you won't let gay people get married then you'd be against any minority or different group getting married. It's the same thing, it's a group of people that aren't you and you hate that and you wish to destroy it. The reality is you need to be wiped off the planet because you're a cancer, one that is rotting the world from the inside. Don't you use God as your shield either because that shit doesn't wash anymore. I'll end this with a quote:

"If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name. He'd never stop throwing up."


  1. Well said.

    The worst part is its not just white men being anti-gay, that shit has absolutley infected mexicans and blacks. It's all over modern hip-hop, to the point where all KRS-One has to do is say "Shan and Marley Marl are rhyming like their gay" and the fans just accept it. Same thing happened with Nas & Jay-Z. I'm a bigger fan of Nas than I am Jay but the fact is Jay for the most part stuck to the facts "One hot album on a ten year average," whereas Nas more or less called Jay-Z gay over and over again.

  2. first of all, i'm sorry you had to lose your Dad so young - he sounded like an awesome, classy guy..and it shows through the writings of his son :)

    and secondly, thank you for saying things that i've been saying as well - I am going to share this with a lot of people. You rock, sir.

  3. Wow Jenne thank you so much, really, so so much. Meredith you know everything I do it to impress you ;)