Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I try not to spend too much time on the ins and outs of celebrity life but these two photos caught my eye for specific reasons. The first is that Smallville, a show I used to love but has long since jumped the shark, has discovered their new General Zod for next season:

This guy's name is Callum Blue and he's pretty much an unknown which is fine. I'm hoping that this is some "kid" on the show who gets possessed by Zod the way Lex Luthor did in season 4 or 5 (not sure which) because if this is the actual embodiment of Zod it'll bum me out for two reasons. One is that Zod is supposed to have been a trusted friend of Clark's father Jor-El and this kid looks like he's 18, plus when Zod's Spirit was removed by Clark from Lex he looked a lot more like Terence Stamp's Zod from Superman II. If this is to be the final season of Smallville (fingers crossed) I hope they don't blow it.

The second photo is just funny because it's Courtney Love. Dig it:

Yep that's the high priestess of alternative bitch wasting away to nothing. There are several reasons I find this funny. The first is that I still believed she either had Kurt Cobain killed or drove him to suicide by fucking with his medication. Secondly I said out loud once that I didn't like her band Hole and she tried to get me fired from MTV. Thirdly she started her career singing all these songs about hating the girls who tried to be perfect on the outside and being an outsider blah blah blah. Then she spent most of her life and Cobain's money getting plastic surgery and trying to become part of the Hollywood scene she claimed to have hated.

Let the bitch die I say.

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