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When I first saw this I figured I would watch it simply and only to laugh at the Republican Rednecks who made it. Knowing little about the actual movie I figured it would just be a huge Obama slap fest that would fuel my bitterness towards conservatives across the country. Then I watched it and what I found was a film with a scary message and a revulsion for everything having to do with politics. This wasn't about Obama sucks this was about QUICK TURN AROUND, YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ASS FUCKING YOU!!

To lay some things at rest let me first explain what the "Obama Deception" is, according to the movie. Basically is means that the Corporate Financiers who have been running the world for the last forty years needed a face lift, the bitterness towards Dubya had forced them to enlist somebody to make the world buy into "Hope" so that the status quo would be maintained. They found Obama who is now the biggest puppet on the strings of the Military Industrial Complex.

Secondly there are people in this movie who you wouldn't expect to see in anything that just out and out bashed Obama. KRS One and Professor Griff (Public Enemy) are two such guests who actively say "We don't buy the Obama lie." That kind of got my attention as did the fact that these filmmakers have made two past documentaries both slamming the Bush Administration.

From there The Obama Deception does a wonderful job of stringing together various promises Obama has gone back on and underhanded situations he has been involved with. For instance Obama ran on the platform that if elected he'd have our troops out of Iraq immediately. That has now turned to "We'll see how it goes over the next 2 years". Obama was also part of a bait and switch on the media when he met with Hilary Clinton and the two have yet to inform the world where it was they went after Hilary admitted defeat to Obama.

The film also discusses how Obama's cabinet is filled with corporate Lobbyists as well as intricately describing how these Corporate Demi-Gods orchestrated the financial collapse. According to the filmmakers this diversion was set up to instill enough fear that nobody would question this New World Order the Government is trying to sneak past us including a Global Police Force, a Tax System that would enslave the working class and other such Future World Terror scenes. They even show how Global Warming is a lie set up to get everybody to switch over to these new clean energies which are owned and taxed by the Military Industrial Complex.

The Obama Deception really does a great job of stating facts, giving examples and showing how this new era of hope is just a fallacy and that we're now in worse dire straits than we've ever been in. Unless we feed the corporates to the children we're doomed for an Orwellian existence of oppression and so forth and so on. I enjoyed Jessie Ventura and Willie Nelson comparing Politics to Professional Wrestling in that neither Republicans nor Democrats really hate each other, it's all for show so the American people can't focus on the real problems.

I also enjoyed KRS One comparing the President to the Manager at Burger King. His idea was if you don't like your meal you go complain to the cashier. The cashier in this story represents the Court System. If they can't help you can complain all the way up to the President Of The United States who is like the Manager of the whole store. However if that doesn't help you're screwed because no matter how bad it is you will never, ever meet the franchise Owner i.e. you'll never see who really controls the President.

Outside of some interesting facts and figures I have the same problems with this movie that I do with Michael Moore films in that it all feels like propaganda to me. A buddy of mine who saw it and loves politics says that while the examples given are true the filmmakers do bend facts and rearrange the time line to fit what they need to say. Michael Moore did that all through Fahrenheit 9/11 and from being around filmmakers for most of my life I know it's common practice.

I urge people to see The Obama Deception for the same reason I urge people to see Michael Moore films or any movie about what's going on in the world today because all of them have nuggets of truth. From people I agree with to people I don't everybody has some truth to what they are saying and only by hearing everybody out can we ever hope to assemble what is really going on.

I personally don't hold much hope for humanity because on a base level we cannot cooperate with each other, period. I'm no better though I fight every day to try and reverse that type of thinking. We are creatures of greed and hatred, lies and deception. In the natural order of things we are a parasitic virus that has long overstayed its welcome. However, like everything else, some of what I say is true and some is simply my own rhetoric designed to make me feel better in a cold world that seems to not care about me personally.

See The Obama Deception and take from it what you can, just don't accept it as Gospel.

For more on the film check out THE OBAMA DECEPTION WEBSITE

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