Thursday, June 4, 2009


Some sad news in the world of Hollywood and Fiction as author David Eddings and actor David Carradine have both passed away. Eddings apparently of natural causes at the age of 77 while Carradine's death was apparently self-inflicted.

Eddings was best known for his five-part Belgariad and Mallorean sagas. These fantasy books have a devout following and a love that was so strong I often felt bad about missing out on them.

Carradine was found hanging in a closet in Bangkok, Thailand with nylon rope used from the hotel curtains. Carradine was best known for the Kung Fu TV series as well as his role as Bill in Kill Bill. I never really enjoyed Kung Fu and I hated Kill Bill (more because the movie sucked than Carradine) but I loved his portrayal of Woodie Guthrie in "Bound For Glory" as well as his character in Martin Scorsese first film Box Car Bertha.

At this point nothing more is known on Carradine's death though many of his close friends say that suicide was not something Carradine would ever do and that his career was really picking up steam at this point. He was in Thailand to film a movie titled Stretch (no jokes please).

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