Thursday, June 4, 2009


Author of "Bailout Nation" Barry Ritholtz has shed some light on a truth I think we all knew deep down, that the economic breakdown on our planet was not an "accident". The media and past and current administrations have tried to pretend that the economic collapse was a "perfect storm" or a sudden convergence of circumstances nobody could have seen coming. Well according to the author and this chart the suffering being felt by working families world wide and the debt we're going in to save companies who did this to themselves was a result of specific programs and policies. Check out the chart to get a better idea of what Ritholtz is talking about.


I have an interesting view point on the economic collapse that few share with me. While I wish working folks (myself included) were not being subjected to the panic inducing changes that seem to never end in the current economy it has actually given me some peace. I have watched greedy corporations headed by greedy people wreak havoc across the world for years as others have before me. We as a people have no real degree of compassion or caring for our fellow man, not on the scale we need to survive as a species.

Once Obama was elected I then watched as lies about the economy turned to finger pointing. The Democrats keeps using the "see what you guys did" attack and the Republicans have shown that they simply see themselves as the ruling class. They don't care at all about the plight of human suffering they're just pissed they aren't on top anymore because...well...they are the Kings and Queens, they are the ones who were born to rule. How dare we common peasants try to take back the Government "by the people and for the people"?

To make their ideas known Republicans have reduced their party to temper tantrums and completely illogical attempts to show up Obama and strike fear in the hearts of already terrified Americans. All of this gives me peace because I realize now that we are no longer supposed to be here, that the end of our species is not only our own fault but necessary to wipe out a blight on the face of Mother Nature.

We have less of an ability to socialize and prioritize than apes do, so why should we be the top of the food chain simply because we can make things that go BOOM and further even more destruction?


  1. My problem with this is it gives me personally less of a motivation to go socialize. I mean according to you, we're all gonna die in your life time, so what's the point in doing things to better yourself?

  2. In fact, I'll go one step further and say people like you and people like George Carlin (who I'm glad is dead now that I realize what a misanthropic old fool he as), are the reason the we're all socializing less. Your tirades against the stupidity of humans make us all hate each other. I personally have been shutting people out of my life because you accuse them of being so trendy and saying they're all posers. So I figure the only way I can properly live my life is by ignoring anyone who falls under your description.

    You may not realize this, but your way of thinking can cause a slippery slope to hate.