Friday, June 12, 2009


So I rarely deal in the world of celebrity crushes. Usually the woman that are attractive are such vapid losers that I'd rather staples their eyes shut with staples made from the bones of their parents. Better yet maybe pull a Viggo Mortensen from Prophecy and lay them out filling their mouths with their mother's feces. I don't mean to sound horrible and mean but I am so that's how it comes out.

Then there's Kristen Stewart who gives me that celebrity crush vibe and I don't know why. Sure she's really pretty but so what, lots of women are really pretty. I hated the Twilight movie and no amount of her riding Werewolves and Vampires will get me back to see the sequel but still the vibe persisted. Then this picture surfaced and it all became clear:

This is Stewart as Joan Jett, a girl I've been crushing on since I was like 15. Stewart is playing Jett during her time in the Runaways which is of course when Jett was at her blazing hottest. Looking on this picture I realized I dig Stewart because she makes me nostalgic for me twenties when I would be drawn to any dark haired girl who seemed to have serious emotional problems. I doubt I'll see the Joan Jett movie simply because I don't care about Biopics, though I was interested to see Elijah Wood try and pull off Iggy Pop. That kind of pants-shitting hilarity is worth the price of admission.

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