Monday, March 29, 2010

Yeah, Chris Evans Totally Works As Captain America...My Bad


If you're like me and you actually read comics then you were also one of the may not amped on the fact that Chris Evans had been chosen to play Captain America in no less than nine movies. Backing off from how stupid it is to pre-order somebody to step up for nine movies let's focus on how bad a choice Chris Evans was for Captain America. Remember how badly he portrayed the Human Torch? How he stripped him of any charm and just made Torch a frat cunt you wanted dead? How about the whole tortured funny guy in Push, another craptacular acting job. So why make this chump Captain America? Well, a lot of folks said it's because he looks the part.

Now the above poster is not actual nor is it official, in fact it's just a fan mock up, but the point is made. Look how bad Evans looks in the Captain America suit. He looks like some date raping football star on Halloween out to get laid. I'm supposed to believe this guy can command Robert Downey JR as Iron Man or the guy the got to play Thor? Outside of commanding other meatheads to rush the line of scrimmage Evans doesn't look like he could command shit.

Nice going Marvel, way to fuck it up.

I hate everything.

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