Friday, March 26, 2010


Yeah I know this trailer is old news but I wanted it on here so I could access it quicker. Let me start off by calming down the hoards that will start screaming "sell out" because I approve of the trailer. I fully understand that I've been knocking the comic book for a long time and y'know what, I still don't like it. The art is crappy, the writing blocky and stilted and personally the idea of some chick saying "to be with me you have to battle my exes" makes me sick. Scott should pull off to the side of the road and dump this egotistical bitch at the next taco bell truck stop. Let her fuck around trying to lay down the law with horny truckers and see how far her pink hair gets her.

That being said I like the movie trailer, a lot. I dig Edgar Wright's direction and the chick they got to play the pink haired damsel is wicked hot, she's like my high school dream girl come to life. To me the whole thing just looks like a good time and might even smooth out some of the troubles I had with the comic. Regardless here's the trailer.

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