Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 AIDS Walk & Awesome KEITH HARING Shirt

This one has a particularly interesting meaning for me on two strong and yet totally different levels. The first is the AIDS Walk, which I've done before in memory of my father Ronald Thomas Robinson who was snatched from this world by AIDS in 1995. My father was an incredible human being, brilliant writer and somebody I was privileged to know much less be able to call my dad. His death was a grueling hell for him and now fifteen years later I see how much all of the advancements in both prevention and treatment of AIDS has helped others not go through what my father did. That's what makes this walk so important, it's also sad that I can't be in the city he loved so much to participate only because I live in Boston.

The other interesting thing here is the shirt offered for those contributing more than $50. Long ago my friend Topher and I met Keith Haring at his Pop Shop in NYC where he was signing autographs. I brought him an old white Adidas shirt I had which he drew a figure on and then signed. He was so completely generous and cool with his time and I loved that shirt for years. Sadly my first wife, evil whore cunt that she was, threw it away as a means of getting back at me because I was pissed she was out with some strange guy. I know, I'm a real bastard. Anyhoo, here are some details on the event:

Join the fight against AIDS and remember Keith Haring. 2010 Marks the 20th anniversary of Keith’s untimely death from AIDS. Please lend your support by making a donation to the 2010 AIDS Walk in his memory. If you donate $50 or more AND you walk on May 16th, you will receive a unique, limited edition t-shirt featuring artwork by Shepard Fairey based on a portrait of Keith by Patrick McMullan, shirts donated by OBEY Clothing.

To sign up as part of the Keith Haring Team and get the shirt click KEITH HARING.


  1. first of all, you continue to make me say "IANN ROCKS" every time you post something. I have walked with the AIDS WALK every year since 1994 and do so in honor of not only my hero and artistic influence Keith Haring, but also my awesome kick ass godmother and aunt Eileen. If you don't mind i'd like to do so in honor of your father going forward as well. I love your Keith story, it brings me fond memories of going to the Pop Shop in hopes of being able to say Hi to him. He signed my high school yearbook the day i finally met him, i cried like a baby when he passed away. Did you ever see the altar he designed that was in the Cathedral of St John The Divine?
    oy vey, sorry to go on like that!
    I am doing the Walk here in Boston this year and if you would like to join my little group, you are more than welcome.

    keep rocking, sir.

  2. Sure when is it? I'd love to join up.