Monday, March 29, 2010


For those who've never seen the classic western Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (shame on you) there is a pivotal ending spoiler that I'm going to give away simply because it'll make the ridiculous sequel idea seem even more so. During a big shoot out at the end of the film both Butch and Sundance are shot to shit and killed. I don't mean questionably so I mean you see the bullets riddle their bodies as the movie draws to a close. Outside of that the actor who original played Butch Cassidy, Paul Newman, has shuffled off this mortal coil so is no longer around to play the character. Keeping that shit in mind let's ask ourselves a mathmatical word problem:

How many pounds of Crystal Meth would one have to smoke in order to forget those details and actually think to pitch a fucking sequel?

Don't know the answer? Well true believers neither do I, mostly because our logical brains can't wrap around something so incredibly stupid. Fear not though because the answer apparently lays with director Mateo Gil and actor Sam Shepard. See Mateo has concocted this idea that somehow between the massive bullet wounds and medical science being akin to witch doctors in that era Butch Cassidy managed to get out and make it to......wait for it......BOLIVIA. Now residing in the quaint outback of Bolivia Cassidy wants to pull off one more robbery to afford himself a ticket home. Oddly enough Sundance didn't make it through the shoot out so he's all dead and done with in this sequel.

This is a Hollywood move I just don't get. Usually these walking piles of poison vomit do anything to make a buck but here they've screwed the pooch but good. First off the original movie is long over so there is no hunger for a sequel. Secondly it told a wonderful and complete story, leaving no opening for anything else. This abortion of a film is just a shitty western robbery flick with Butch Cassidy attached to it. It could've been called Western Pete and The Open Trail or Cowboy Steve Rustles Him Some Vittles and nobody would've blinked. This doesn't continue the story of Butch Cassidy at all, it just slaps his name on something that clearly sucks. Even if this stupid movie made sense in the continuity of the story Paul Newman is fucking dead, he can't be in it. If a sequel is being made and does not include the original cast members then clearly those working on the film don't care, as these people don't. Shame on you Sam Shepard, shame on you.

I have an idea, why not take the old Mr. T cartoon series and apply it here. Have an old Butch Cassidy going around America training young people to be train robbers but in between they solve mysteries and thwart crime. and call it Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids.

I hate everything.

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