Monday, March 29, 2010

Uma Thurman Is Worth Less Than A Blu-Ray Player

Oh man this is too rich, this is the kinda shit that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Remember when Uma Thurman was a big deal? Think back, it might take a second but you'll get there. Remember how her scenes in The Adventures Of Baron Munchoussen forced any living male to instantly begin masturbating or how she was super cool drug addict in Pulp Fiction? Well sorry Uma, those days are fucking over. Outside of making Kill Bill (the first boring samurai movie) Thurman hasn't done much, well there was My Super Ex-Girlfriend but who knows somebody might have had pictures of her blowing goats to force into that one.

Anyhoo recently Uma tried to go the indie route with the movie "Motherhood", a film where she plays a successful yuppie trying to balance motherhood, work and life in New York in one of those "Gosh that was clever" puke indie films. In order to gain buzz for the movie (which is industry speak for they know it sucks and will try anything) the clever marketing team opened the movie in one theater in the UK. The idiotic idea here had something to do with this wacky move somehow getting word of mouth out for the movie. I'm guessing the industry folks were seeing lines around the corner with trendy Brits sipping coffee and talking about how much they want to see this film.

Instead the movie sold one ticket it's opening day and made 88 pounds the entire weekend. 88 pounds equals out to roughly $131 bucks.

Now that's some funny shit.

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