Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Fresh Prince Vs The Aliens Round 2 (and 3)

Back in 2009 Roland Emmerich, the guy who fucked Godzilla in the ass in 1998 and then proceeded to make nothing but disaster movies, started spewing off about two back-to-back sequels for his 1996 alien invasion movie Independence Day. Nobody really thought much about it because who would be stupid enough to think it would work. Back then Big Willie Style wasn't much more than a bit player and Bill Pullman actually had box office clout. Jump ahead fourteen years and Pullman can't get arrested while The Fresh Prince is mr twenty million bucks plus a percentage of the gross. Who would fuck with those odds?

Well, apparently Fox will because Emmerich has been given the go ahead for two ID movies, shot back to back and featuring Will Smith. The movies will focus on a re-built Earth however many years later when suddenly more aliens show up to slap out at us. The movie will begin at some point after Will Smith's next movie which could either be Men In Black 3 or some movie about magic and kids called The City That Sailed. Emmerich stated he might call these films ID Forever Part I and II but let's hope that was after a shit load of moonshine and cocaine.

Oddly enough I don't care either way if these movies get made. Independence Day didn't bum me out but I wasn't a fan either. To be honest I really didn't care either way. The first time I saw it I was high, the second time I ended up moving to the back of the theater with a girl so I didn't actually watch the movie start to finish until it came out for rental. It was cute and kinda fun but nothing I thought needed a sequel much less two of them. Fourteen years later would people even care? I can see maybe Big Willie Style trying to jump start his blockbuster career again after some failed attempts at putting out heart-string tugging gimmie-an-oscar films. Bill Pullman would sign up in a second even if he had to cater the thing to and I'm guessing Jeff Goldblum could take some time off of Law And Order to be in it.

Whatever happens I'll keep you posted.


  1. As a kid, I use to love this movie but yeah, I see your point; at this day & age who really cares?

  2. Hierachy of Needs, you took the exact words right out of my mouth.