Monday, March 29, 2010

Bond Gets A Villain And Godzilla Gets To Come Back


As MGM struggles to try and pay their bills the company is staying positive by continuing work on the new James Bond film. Currently the script is being put together by Peter Morgan and now comes news that Rachel Weisz might be line to star in the film. Not as the next James Bond sperm bank but as a supervillain type behind-the-scenes mistress of the nefarious Quantum organization. Personally I think this would be really cool since it would step outside the normal James Bond parameters and add an interesting angle to the film. Don't know if this shit is true or not but if it is it would be cool.

In other news apparently the long period of mourning for Godzilla is over as Legendary Pictures & Warner Brothers have released a statement saying they will be bringing the much adored monster back to the big screen. Not much more is known about the deal other than it stemmed from a licensing agreement with Toho the company that originally brought the Lizard monster to life. If anybody out there is listening to me (which I doubt) please, please use the 1998 Roland Emmerich movie as something of a warning. Secondly only to the Phantom Man-Ass, that version of Godzilla was the worst blockbuster released in the latter half of the nineties. It's a vomitous mass of shit that sucks on every level, every level....EVERY FUCKING LEVEL!! Christ I'll bet the goddamn food at the lunch table was spoiled.

Legendary has a decent track record with 300 and Dark Knight so let's all hope they bring Godzilla back the right way and send that shitty 1998 film to the sewage lake of hell it belongs in.

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