Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Let me just start the day angry, I mean really pissed and checking to see if my copy of the Anarchists Cook Book can help in any way to sink Hollywood into the ground. It's not secret that I've been an outspoken "hater yo" on the new Guy Ritchie slaughtered...ahem, ahem...sorry...directed moive version of Sherlock Holmes. First of all Guy Ritchie is a hack, a fucking less talented Quentin Tarantino (if there is such a thing) who tries to hard to be cool it creates unbearable douche chills. Secondly, right out of the box the producers said, and I quote, "Holmes' intellect will take a back seat to the action". AHHHH fucking brilliant, lets take EVERYTHING Sherlock Holmes was about and give it a Hollywood Enema with battery acid, good idea you fucking cunts. I have also grown to loathe Robert Downey JR and his smug "Aren't I just the best" attitude, plus for some reason he's decided to dress up Sherlock Holmes to look like Prince. I've been stewing on all of these simply from what I've read but now the trailer has come out and it's worse than I could ever fucking imagine. WATCH:

Not sure who to kill, them or myself or all of us.

On a nicer and much calmer level I got a trailer for the upcoming DC Animated movie Super/Batman: Public Enemies and it of course looks fucking kick ass. DC has really stepped up their animation game, even since Superman Doomsday. I can't wait for the Green Lantern animated movie this summer and based on this trailer the new animated Superman/Batman film looks wonderful to. CHECK IT OUT:

AHHHH, this caaalms me a bit.

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  1. I have to disagree with your disposition on Guy Ritchie, at least regarding the movie "Snatch." I can see how it's particular "style" would annoy you, but I love its humor and its storytelling, how one subtle detail regarding one sub-plot will cause a different sub-plot in the narrative to go into over-drive.

    That being said, replacing Holmes' intellect with action is a terrible idea.