Monday, May 4, 2009


So this past weekend was Free Comic Book Day and if you missed it you missed a real doozy. In my area New England Comics put on a kick ass display, especially in Allston (thanks Michelle) where there were signings, buttons, food, and all kinds of cool shit. Sara (my fiancee) and I walked around the whole town picking up comics and after reading them here are the three best from my standpoint. If you can find any leftovers then pick them up ASAP.


This was an awesome book because the story was open for anybody who wanted to read it. It simply had Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) telling Barry Allen (The Silver Age Flash) what's all been happening since he vanished 20 years ago. The story will interest new fans and old alike as well as gearing everybody up for Blackest Night #1 an event I simply can't wait for. The other awesome thing is that in the back is a page explaining all the off-shoot Lanterns (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, etc). Who they are, how they came to be and what their importance is are all covered.


This was just a cool story though it was pretty much for folks like me who love these characters. The frost God Ymir has attacked and knocked out Thor so the Avengers come to help. Sadly they are met by Norman Osbournes Dark Avengers but the two must team up to defeat the frost god. When Thor forces Norman Osbourne to step off, it's pretty fucking cool.


I've never read Savage Dragon. Not because of anything negative I just never read it. Well this issue has peaked my interest so much I start buying it. While the story of Savage Dragon trying to find his kidnapped kids is simple the issue is more about filling you in on what's happened from the very first issue. This type of issue is exactly what Free Comic Book Day is all about. Interesting people in comics and/or titles they've never read.

So if you missed it this year don't miss it next year. MAY 1ST 2010!!

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