Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Even though you couldn't tell summer's here if you live in New England like I do, that doesn't mean it ain't here. Apparently the rumor is that elsewhere the summer has arrived bringing sunshine and good times with it. In accordance with that I decided to show some of the awesome T-shirts hitting stores soon that you can buy in order to keep current with the times. This is of course if you're not a cool-striped-shirt guy with loads of khaki cargo shorts and flip flops you usually wear with boot cut jeans. You'll probably hate these.

My first is this Black Star reunion T-shirt that I am AMPED to try an get hold of. Black Star, featuring Mos Def and Talib Kwali, released one of the coolest and most interesting rap records a few years back. They're scheduled for two reunion shows this Saturday and if you're like me and can't attend we can at least try to get one of the t-shirts:

A few will gone on sale online at KARMA LOOP

These shirts are kind of cool. These are remakes of old hardcore shirts from back in the day (though the Johnny Cupcakes one escapes me). Is it as cool as having the shirts from the shows when you actually saw them? No. That being said the ripped ticket Bad Brains shirt is pretty sweet.

You can check them out at THE HUNDREDS but be warned it's a hipster site that seems intentionally annoying to navigate.

This is my favorite Obama shirt EVER!! I promised I wouldn't buy into the Obama-On-A-Shirt trend but I had to get this one.

You can pick this up at THE CHOP SHOP STORE

And finally this shirt is just kinda silly funny. It's way too obvious but I still think the shirt is funny, sue me!!

Dig these at LOITER INK

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