Monday, May 18, 2009


So as the world of television dumps out it's season finales I gathered a list of what shows are canceled and which are coming back this fall. I of course started with the shows I'm amped are coming back...hey, don't judge me!!!

Lie To Me
Cold Case
Criminal Minds
CSI Miami

Here are the rest, with some commentary from me sprinkled in.

The Bachelor: Renewed (Because Humans are stupid)
Better Off Ted: Renewed
Brothers & Sisters: Renewed.
Castle: Renewed
Dancing with the Stars: Renewed
Desperate Housewives: Renewed (Hopefully this will be the lesbian-murder-suicide season)
Dirty Sexy Money: Canceled.
Eli Stone: Canceled.
Grey's Anatomy: Renewed
In the Motherhood: Canceled
Lost: Renewed (but the next season ain't until 2010, good luck with that)
Private Practice: Renewed
Pushing Daisies: Canceled (Bummer it was kind of a cool show)
Scrubs: Renewed (and they're bringing Zach Braf back. Looks like I packed away the high power rifle and laser scoping too soon)
Supernanny: Renewed
Surviving Suburbia: Doubtful.
Ugly Betty: Renewed
The Unusuals: Canceled
Wife Swap: Renewed (See my above stupid humans reasoning)

The Amazing Race: Renewed
The Big Bang Theory: Renewed
Eleventh Hour: Ironically Canceled in the...
Flashpoint: Doubtful
Gary Unmarried: Doubtful
Ghost Whisperer: Renewed because who doesn't love huge breasts heaving towards dead people?
Harper's Island: Canceled (I thought it was a mini-series)
How I Met Your Mother: Renewed
The Mentalist: Renewed
New Adventures of Old Christine: Unsure.
Rules of Engagement: Renewed.
Survivor: Renewed
Two and a Half Men: Renewed
The Unit: Canceled
Without a Trace: Canceled
Worst Week: Canceled

American Dad: Renewed
American Idol: Renewed
Bones: Sure thing. Renewed for TWO SEASONS and the show suuucks now
Family Guy: (Shouldn't have packed away the gasoline, rope and matches either. I fucking hate this show)
King of the Hill: Canceled (THANK GOD)
Kitchen Nightmares: Renewed
Prison Break: Canceled
The Simpsons: Renewed
Sit Down, Shut Up: Canceled.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Canceled (Good. It sucked.)
'Til Death: Renewed

30 Rock: Renewed
The Biggest Loser: Renewed (Because America loves to laugh at fat people and feel bad for skinny ones)
Celebrity Apprentice: Renewed (because just filming car crashes is in bad taste)
Chuck: Renewed
Friday Night Lights: Renewed (Date rapist frat jocks everywhere have hard ons)
Heroes: Renewed
Kath & Kim: Canceled
Kings: Canceled
Knight Rider: Canceled (There might actually be a God)
Law & Order: Renewed
Law & Order: CI: Unsure (Bummer. It's my favorite one)
Law & Order: SVU: Renewed
Life: Canceled
Lipstick Jungle: Canceled
Medium: Renewed
My Name is Earl: Unsure but please if anybody is listening cancel this bitch.
The Office: Renewed
Parks and Recreation: Renewed
Southland: Renewed

The CW
90210: Renewed (Kill Me)
America's Next Top Model: Renewed (Kill Her)
Everybody Hates Chris: Canceled
The Game: Canceled
Gossip Girl: Renewed (Kill All Of Them)
One Tree Hill: Renewed (Kill All Of Us)
Privileged: Renewed
Reaper: Canceled

Ok so there you have it. Don't fret though because the summer has many kick ass shows such as Monk, Leverage, Burn Notice, Psyche and a few others. Besides we should either be outside or at the movies during the summer.

At some point I'll have the new fall shows to tell you about.

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