Thursday, May 28, 2009


There are fewer things that kick ass more than Playmobil. I played with these sets when I was a kid and still love them today. Part of it is that they aren't inspired by anything having to do with movies, TV, books, no pop culture stimulus at all. Though it involves everything from history to adventure Playmobil is very much its own thing. If I ever own a house with a room I don't need it may have to become the Playmobil room.

I decided to find 20 Playmobil sets that smashed my face in when I saw them. These aren't in any particular order because they each kick equal amounts of ass. I do have a little bit of fun with these sets but don't get me wrong I love these toys. Dig it!!:


The Police Boat is awesome first and foremost because it actually floats. You also get two cops (one with a bullhorn...rules) as well as a rescue winch and a cabin to chill out and play cards in. I'm also amped the bell really rings.


There's nothing particularly over-the-top cool about this is a fucking BISON!!! Leave it to Playmobil to make a Bison and one that rules. All they need now is Playmobil Ted Nugent to ride out on it.


If you can't quite scrape the cheese together to buy a real private jet then look to Playmobil to make it all better. First of all the fact that this jet is dark grey is awesome as is the ability to pul the top off and play around inside the jet. The topper is that it comes with a rich Texan to bark orders and drink whiskey. Imagine the crash scenarios you could make happen with this.


I know this one can be read as creepy but I dig it because nobody makes this kind of Christmas set up. That's not Santa at all, that's somebody playing Santa and that kicks a lot of ass. Why? Because 99% of all Christmas sets like these try and push the Santa is real jam. Playmobil is too hardcore for that, they're letting you know right away it's a guy playing Santa. I also dig the kid's scarf and the tree.


I have to admit I dig this one because it's wicked random and kinda creepy. First of all the name of it is weird as is the idea that Playmobil made a set of a kid feeding two seals. How did that pass the morning meeting?


Who doesn't want to be in a Shark Cage? Not only will this work as a bathtub toy but you can also re-create the Hooper scene from Jaws. Does it get any better?


I have always wanted to go down in a one or two man sumbersible so it figures I'd love this one. This sub is airtight and just looks fucking cool. Combine it with the Shark Hunter cage and you have the best bath time ever.


With the Dolphin Basin kids can play but also learn some harsh realities of life. While it's awesome that you get these figures plus Dolphins and the thing can hold real water to make the play super lifelike that's just part of it. You'll notice the souvenir shop to the side. With that addition kids can learn how Zoo's love to make a profit off of denying animals their freedom. Still though, it holds real water!!


I love me a cool tree house and if it's filled with Bunnies then all the better. This is what makes Playmobil so awesome. They'll make all of these real life playsets and then drop the Easter Bunny Tree House on us. This is something that lends itself to hours of entertainment when high as fuck on the left handed cigarette. Stoned you'd spend an hour trying to figure out why Bunnies are living in a tree. Awesome!!


I'm not sure what's my favorite part of this set. I dig the driver's beard but the Aussie chick with the gun is pretty rad. The ride itself is a sweet alligator looking thing but I think my favorite is that this awful killing machine Alligator you're hunting down to slaughter has a baby with it. Nice touch.


Who hasn't wanted to X-ray a dog or operate on a cat? Another great thing about Playmobil is that they make sets for any situation. I can't see lots of kids asking for the Vet Operating Room to be under the Christmas Tree but Playmobil don't give a fuck, they made it. It's a cool set and it helps animals so all is well.


There are so many kick ass functions on this I can't even place them. The parrot at th top of the sails, the monkey holding on for dear life, the firing cannon, so good!! You also get a pirate crew and a brig to hold enemies plus the mast is a skull!! The ship also floats for big seas adventures!!


Nothing like starting the kids early on a life of crime. Not only do you get two totally decked out thieves but also a rich painting of a solider and a jeweled crown in a case. When you move the case the alarm goes off so be careful. I though the removable round section of glass was a nice touch.


The Circus play sets that all join together kick much ass and this is one of my favorites. Here the high wire family can ride a bike across the tight rope, flip around and wow the crowd. With the "No Net" feature you can also have them fall to bloody and horrible deaths.


Two clowns and a monkey? Yep, sounds like the last band I was in.


Again Playmobil astounds me with what they will make. This depicts the very concienscious doctor who walks the streets with an incubator in case he comes across any premature babies. Notice the weird red circles around the Doc's eyes (drunk?) and the smile on the dying child. I love Playmobil.


In Playmobil world everybody owns a Yacht and this family is no different. Besides being able to float and having a winch and a pretty cool look you can also remove the deck to play downstairs. You have beds, a kitchen and a bathroom, a most important feature.


Why does this kick ass? A fire breathing Red Dragon with an evil Dark Knight rider and spiked bracelets. Do I need to say anything else?


Not only does this kick ass in a historical sense but you can also reenact all your favorite scenes from Ben Hur and Spartacus. This thing has stands for the ruler to pass judgement from, as well as lion to feed Christians to and a chariot. It may take up a lot of space but it's so worth it.


There's no need for a lengthy explanation here when all you have to do is look at it to understand how cool it is.

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