Thursday, August 13, 2009


So check this little tidbit of awesome news from The New York Times:

"Last week, Michael Riedel reported that work on next year's Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark had been put on "hiatus" after producers ran out of money. Now, in today's Post, he says the actors are being released from their contracts, which certainly doesn't bode well for the show's planned opening next February.

This is reportedly the fault of the show's producers, Sony, Marvel, and David Garfinkle, a Chicago lawyer with practically no Broadway experience who's been unable to rein in Julie Taymor's expensive impulses and watched the budget swell to a hilarious $45 million. Riedel says a move to replace Garfinkle last week was unsuccessful because more experienced producers know better than to sign up for a probable disaster. Also, speaking with a math-capable source, Riedel says Spider-Man would have to play sold-out shows for five years just to break even."

Well shit my timbers and call me ta breakfast!! What a fucking surprise that this show finally failed in a large flaming burst of pants shitting hilarity. Is anybody really surprised that this pretentious crap fest didn't even make it Broadway? Did we forget that U2 at their most incredibly pretentious (and that's saying something for those fucks) was writing the music. Can you really see Spidey swinging through New York singing "It's a beautiful day"?

Forgetting that Bozo...sorry, sorry...BONO and his Edge crony wrote a musical titled "Turn Off The Dark" it also had a new villain named Swiss Miss (sorry, not kidding on any level) superheroes make bad musicals. It just doesn't work, it's silly to begin with and you're looking at big money just to make it look like this character has superpowers. I'm hoping this failure will lead to less idiots just trying to rush into making comic book properties into films or shows or whatever because it's a trend right now.

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