Monday, August 17, 2009


Something is going on, something is coming, I don't know what it is but I can feel it. I won't say the end of the world because who knows what that means? Hollywood says it means destruction and the end of this false world we've spent so long building. Is that the end of the world though? I don't know, I can't even get online to change my goddamn mailing address on my credit cards so who am I to even guess. Still, something is out there, just beyond where we can see it or it's being clouded by vermin bottom feeders who think if there's enough profit in the world we can stave it off.

Still it remains out there and those of us who can feel it fucking hate the beast, not because it's there but because we don't know what it is. When it comes the judgment will be final and swift. Who lives and who dies and what course it'll set for humanity if any at all remains to be seen but we'll all know when it comes. You can tell it's out there because humanity has gotten weird, not good weird, just weird.

We're like a pack of dogs moving at a faster and faster pace because we're nervous. We'll do anything to deny it because facing a faceless enemy is scary shit. It won't respond to some phony hand holding movement like the hippies, it fell for that once before. It knows at our core we're deceitful, hateful people that have a huge capacity for good and right that we choose to ignore.

I watch the circle of the simple in Washington and it scares me, really scares me. When the world economy collapsed and all the dirty laundry of corporate whoring got spewed onto the front lawn of the American household I thought it might do something. I envisioned it as a collective stranding on an island. We may hate each other but we had to work together to get off this Island before we die.

We voted in a new president, a guy that seemed like he might have a light on inside his head. We'd spent eight years with the darkness so a little light went a long way. It was time to roll up the sleeves and work it all out. That didn't happen though, the next day it was fucking politics as usual.

The Republicans took the ball first, faking right so they could shoot left. Saying they would work with the new President only to become vicious rabid attack dogs nipping at him as he tried to outrun them. Republicans are cut into two sections, the evil and the ignorant. The evil run the whole show, they're the pit bosses in the Casino stalking each corner looking to rip people off. The new Kings and Queens who care only to be in power all else be damned. The ignorant are those who simply follow what the evil say because they've said it. They don't hear what's being said they just know that joe-bob-gosh-oh-gee who likes BBQ, Jesus and Guns loves it so they love it to. The combination of evil and ignorant is horrifying to watch.

You see it daily in their response to everything said by anyone who is not them. It feels like the Republicans have entrenched themselves into a muck of noncooperation in hopes they can make it 2005 again. If they just scream and holler enough at any sound made by an outside voice they might get their power back. Each day it's proven that they won't, that the Republicans are seen more and more as a punchline but they will not deviate from course. The rocks are ahead, the crew is screaming but the Captain forges on sure that it will all work out.

See what I mean, that's weird.

The Democrats haven't really changed their game either, they just pussy out of everything. Obama has a really great way with speeches but I'm no closer to knowing what he's doing than anybody else. Mostly because the Democrats talk in circles same with the Republicans, none of them have a straight answer. That's all I need Doc, give it to me straight. Is the cancer benign or malignant? Is this a cold or AIDS? Do I need glasses or a walking stick? I need to know Doc so fucking tell me.

Instead we get this weird tell you but don't tell you. The Republicans say that Obama spends too much money and that won't help ignite the economy and energize the small business. So then somebody says well what would you do? You get something like this:

REPUBLICAN: "I would take steps to make sure the economy was invigorated and that the small business man could take steps to become involved in the new economy without costing the tax payers this incredible amount of money."

PEOPLE: "What would you do exactly, as in with examples?"

R: "Energize the economy by taking steps to provide resources to keep the economy energize"

P: "What steps?"

R: "Steps to energize the economy by creating an energizing ideal"

P: "Why is Obama dangerous?"

R: "He's a socialist. He spends too much money"

P: "How is he a socialist?"

R: "He just is. He wants Government involved and that doesn't work."

P: "Are you saying your way worked? Did you forget about that?"

R: "That's not the topic here."

P "OK Republican, What would you do?"

R: "I would energize the economy by using...."

You get the idea.

Democrats don't say anything, they tend to just talk about how this is a new day and toss out clutch words like "Hope". By the time they both finish what they're doing my head hurts and nothing has been solved, at the very least I still don't have a goddamn straight answer.

Like I said, weird.

It's not just politics, the weird vibe is everywhere. Music has all but shutdown as more and more clones come out spewing the same rhetoric. Everybody has a costume, everybody has a way of walking and talking, a disaffected stare that's supposed to show me they're above it all. Bursts of anger in no direction, railing about how bad it sucks but not what can be done about it. It's a cesspool, a greedy hell pit where the vapid mall culture does their best to co-opt the counter culture into the hoola hoop. The need to be shot, two in the head until somebody stops it.

Film, books, TV, it's all swirling in this constant motion as if it has no reason to try and improve. We're in a holding pattern waiting to see what shitstorm we have to weather next and I don't think we have a clue. We've let is get so bad here that maybe we've all just given up. Sure we pay it all lip service and pretend we want to make a change but we don't.

It's about bling, instant fame and something for nothing. It's about semi-attractive women getting movie deals for blogs about the trials and tribulations of sucking cock in a bathroom stall during the Prada show between Appltinis. It's about uncovering something and exploiting it, using it to make you money or fame. Rich white American celebrities adopting kids from all around the world except here in America where plenty of children starve every day. That doesn't get a news blip, that doesn't allow Brad Pitt to grow sensitive goatee and walk around Africa pointing like some kind of trained animal.

It all seems pointless, we horde things we think we need into houses we can't afford. Men act as if we should hand them a shiny trophy for taking care of their families and not running out on them. Serial killers are the new heroes, compassion is a character flaw, and we can do anything we want be it unfair or unjust and call it The Game, that makes it ok.

I'm not angry anymore just sad because I look at Sara and see genuine good. I see a person who beams light and unabashed care and compassion and I'm sad for the world she's in. She deserves to live to be 100, to run around and experience wonderful things in a world that deserves her. I hate that everyday a little more of her good dies out at the hands of cocksucking hate mongers with cellphones and no idea how to look where they're going. That humanity has become so focused on themselves that they can't even pretend to care about other people anymore.

Look at how we drive, how people walk down the street or talk loudly in a public place. Christ we had to have instant flushing installed because we can't bother to flush the toilet so the next guy doesn't have to smell our foul urine. This wasn't what I signed on for, this wasn't the circus I wanted to join.

It's weird out here now but not the good weird, not the weird that makes it better. A darkness is falling and we can't see it. Some of us don't know it, some of us embrace it but I'm waiting until it shows itself. Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes. Until then I'll butter some popcorn and watch the humanity bus rocket with no driver towards the edge the cliff. At least it'll be entertaining.


  1. I'm beginning to wonder the problem is intellectualism. I remember George Carlin complaining that nobody questions things anymore. But I feel it's the exact opposite. Everybody spends way too much time questioning, and not nearly enough time getting things done. Especially in music, everybody has to question something now or think it's flawed. It feels like nobody question The Beatles, James Brown, Black Sabbath, or Run DMC, and now everybody is too smart to like something. I'll probably be laughed at for this, but Katy Perry (a guilty pleasure of mine) just might be our cultural saviour and we're too stupid to accept it because we think about it too much. I'm not saying I'm madly in love with everything modern, but damn, I can't remember a single musical figure that critics and fans could agree on since Eminem.

    I'll repeat that, we're too stupid to except the new because we think about it too much.

    I remember taking a History of rock for the 70's and 80's, and one of the best things I've learned from the teacher is he was mocking older music fans of today "I can't stand music today, just because I'm not young and impressionable." THAT is the problem. Young people don't make music for critical thinkers, they'll make music for themselves and whoever else likes it, whether they be critical thinkers or people who are just plain retarded.

    For instance, I remember reading about Miles Davis making Bitches Brew. If the "jazz loyal" fanbase had their way, Davis would have been dead and forgotten right then and there. But he lived on because he found a new segment of fans who were young and impressionable.

    I suppose my ultimate conclusion is, the second you lose your ability to be easily amused, is the second you lose your usefulness to pop culture.

  2. We question too much? WOW, well, that kind of thinking is the reason we're in the place we are right now. Excuses for things being average, excuses for people not questioning instead of action to change them. Thanks for proving my point so well. If losing the ability to just smile and say "YEE HAW THIS IS GOOD" when it isn't be it politics or pop culture means I've lost my usefulness then I good riddance.

  3. I guess it's the company you keep. The company I keep seems to be people who are pissing and moaning about how everything sucks now, everything is going down the toilet. After hearing it for such a long time, you will question whether they have any relevance.

  4. Another thing, you're spending so much time trying to see if I inadvertantly proved your point that you completely missed mine. Human honesty can't work on it's own. Other people have to agree with it. You rant and rave on how you aren't here to be popular, just honest. My point is that honesty won't do anything unless it IS popular. If you think something, and you're the only person in the world who thinks it, you aren't right. You aren't causing anything. You're just a crazy old man on the hill that nobody takes seriously. And if nobody takes you seriously, doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of what you do? I'm not saying you should suddenly sell out to the lowest common denominator, but if you're the only person with a singular opinion that nobody else shares, then it's time to rework your logic until people are willing to agree with you on it.

  5. Republicans...Democrats...Labour..Conservative.. Meh!!
    Same,Same!..Look closer...Can you see the grinning fucker standing behind them holding the strings...One Agenda.
    It's a 'Must Be' you see.
    You're right, there's a shit storm heading this way...trouble is, nobody seems to care.

  6. So Tribe if my opinion is different from everybody elses I should re-work it to the mass understanding? That's the scariest thing you've ever said. Oh and by the way many agree with me or at least share my views on some of it. Apparently you don't and from what you've written I wouldn't expect you to.

  7. For any opinion/cultural movement to make any type of movement in the status quo, it has to be brought to masses attention in some form of fashion. For my money that is how it has always worked. The masses can ignore it at first, but if it is truly massive/"popular" then those who censor it won't have enough power to stop it then.