Thursday, August 6, 2009


Not that this bullshit should surprise me on any level but the Remake Zombie Squad has now decided to feast on Enter The Dragon by making a "noir style remake" about a lone FBI agent who pursues a Shaolin Monk into the "underground world of Kung Fu fight clubs".

Awesome so basically this isn't Enter The Dragon at all but they'll call it that to get people to see it. The film will star the dude from Ninja Assassin and is said to be more Raging Bull than Crouching Tiger in its viciousness. I never thought Kung Fu was vicious but then again it's been years since I was in an underground fight club so what do I know.

The part about this that sucks is that Enter The Dragon was the best Bruce Lee movie out there, a real testament to what he could've done if he had lived longer. None of that seems to matter to the Remake Zombie Squad who will feast on his corpse to turn a quick buck. Oh yeah and noir is supposed to be heavily stylized in the world of Dashielle Hammet and that kind of thing. A brutal fight club movie in a noir style, wow they've fucked it all up.

I hate everything

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  1. lol Bruce's best movie it was not. You should go watch some Way of the dragon, that's actually Bruce Lee's movie, written, directed, and starring. The only thing lame about this is if they use the name, which I presume is what they're doin. Maybe they'll actually give the name some meaning beyond Bruce Lee making a real entrance into american cinema. In anycase, it shouldn't be as big a travesty as "Dragon:the story of Bruce Lee"