Thursday, August 6, 2009


So apparently the Jack Kirby estate has folded under the pressure of Joe Simon's outrage over them helping Dynamite Comics bring back The Fighting American. Apparently Dynamite's Nick Barrucci had been in talks with both Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's estate to allow Dynamite Comics to re-release The Fighting American along with other JAck Kirby original creations. At this year's Comic Con Dynamite made the announcement about the releases which received this response from Jim Simon:

"It is true that Mr. Barrucci started with talks with Joe Simon, but Simon turned down Dynamite’s proposal in no uncertain terms," writes Jim Simon in a press release published by Kirby & Simon blogger Harry Mendryk. "Apparently Mr. Barrucci did not know the meaning of the word no and he proceeded anyway. Joe only found out the supposed deal when it appeared on Comic Book Resources."

The release concludes with this quote from Joe Simon: "There are some penciled covers of Fighting American by Mr. Ross that are printed in the story without copyright notice. I find that damaging, as is the whole fake story."

After this statement Kirby's people relented on The Fighting American saying that they're still excited for Dynamite to bring about other Kirby comics. I'm not sure what Joe's issue is and who am I to question the awesomeness of the man anyway. I'm just bummed better re-prints of The Fighting American won't be hitting shelves.

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