Thursday, December 17, 2009


This new Runaways trailer has hit me on a couple of levels, which I think may be a good thing. First of all I was happy to see that they actually made Kristan Stewart look pretty much just like Joan Jett in that era. The original photos looked pretty bad but on screen I'm digging what I see. I also like the way the film is shot. It's blown out and grimy looking, much the same as the era The Runaways came from.

I only have two issues with the trailer. The first is that it makes The Runaways film seem like it might be a surface only docudrama. Most of the time when Hollywood whips out movies like this they are just an edited series of events without much digging beneath the stories we've all heard (see Walk The Line for a great example of this). I'm hoping The Runaways is a little deeper than the trailer lets on but who knows. My other big problem is that I'm now sexually attracted to Dakota Fanning and that makes me feel kind of dirty. Yeah, well, you view the trailer and tell me I'm wrong.


  1. Why do I get the uneasy feeling from this trailer that this abortion couldn't be worse if it was a Lifetime movie with Meredith Baxter-Birney as Cherie Currie and Brian Dennehy as Kim Fowley? This looks like a trite covered banality with a chewy cliche center. I'm going to pass.

  2. While I believe your Meredith Baxter Birney/Brian Dennehy might be wonderfully better I have a slight hope for this. Keep in mind I say slight.