Thursday, December 10, 2009


See, ya see, look at that photo and tell me the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie doesn't look like it's going to kick ass. Today this photo and a teaser poster for the movie were released, both of which are killing me. Not in my usual way of despair and hatred but in the fact that this movie won't hit the screens until December of 2010. Just as I was sitting down and choosing a body lotion with which to use to pleasure myself over these new Tron goodies my extensively huge cock (yeah, so forget what she said) suddenly went flaccid when more Tron news hit the airwaves.

Apparently Daft Punk are going to be handling soundtrack duties.

Well that fucking blows giant chunks of shit all over my reality don't it!? For those of you who don't know Daft Punk is this techno-y, dance dance revolution, move on the floor fucking lame party band that had a few miserable hits a while back. While I don't much care whose body they're rocking I don't want them mucking about with my Tron movie. Tron may have flashy lights and cool synthetic looking sets but no, it is not a giant Dance Club. If the producers try and turn the vibe of the movie into that in order to sell a few more tickets it's going to suck ass.

See the computer world Tron lives in is a scary and evil place, one that by this time has grown exponentially in size and power. If the filmmakers remove that element just to make it cool they will have another Sin City on their hands. The Sin City comics made Sin City look like an evil hellhole that you never would want to be caught in, a place so devoid of a moral center just walking into its limits would change you forever. The film made it look like a stylized dance club where celebrities went to try and pretend they were cool, violent, street thugs. All the danger was sapped out of it as was the excitement leaving mainly famous people trying to be cool. I don't want Tron to go through that same transformation, it'll ruin it.

However, I am getting my grove back looking at the movie poster. Think it's wrong to feel a warm tingle over a poster? Well buddy boy check this shit out:

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