Thursday, December 17, 2009


So how is this for scum shitty from the third level of hell. While genius artists Frank Frazetta is suffering from dementia at the age of 81 his kids are circling like sharks drawn to fresh blood. Three of Frank's kids want to sell off all of his paintings and pocket the cash while his other son Frank Jr. is awaiting trial for breaking into the family museum to try and steal the paintings. Even more bizarre is that Frank Jr is claiming he broke in to keep the paintings from being sold by his greedy siblings. Here's a news report on the whole weird ordeal.

I don't know who to believe here all I can see is the total lack of respect Frazetta's kids have for who the man was to the world of art. The fact that three of Frazetta's kids would callously sell off his art is simply reprehensible. I hope Frank JR was being straight about wanting to return control to his dad but this doesn't paint a great picture for him.

Meanwhile one of the greatest artists ever suffers from dementia.

I hate everything


  1. I have a feeling Jr. is being up front, if you watch the Documentary on Frank, you can tell that he respects his father and even went so far as to not follow in his father's footsteps because he didn't want to deal with being in his father's shadow and some how ruin their relationship. And he certainly had the natural ability to become an artist if he had the desire.
    I'm thinking too that the media is probably leaving a lot of stuff out. And I agree with you this sucks that he has dementia and is slowly losing himself, but truthfully he's a guy that's probably lived & played harder than most.

  2. I hope you're right dude. Frazetta deserves way better than all of this.

  3. There is nothing about this story that isn't awful. Clearly Frazetta should have stopped spawning after just one kid.