Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This dapper looking twentysomething is Charlie Hunnam from the not-sure-if-it's-a-hit show Sons Of Anarchy. For those who've never seen it imagine applying the depth of Sex In The City and the violence-makes-it-art vibe of The Sopranos to the world of motorcycle gangs. Yeah, it's not very realistic or very good.

That being said rumor in Hollywood is that Mr. Hunnam is in line to possibly play Thor in the new movie. Are they serious? Has Hollywood lost all train of thought and just decided that if a guy looks like Heath Ledger he can probably carry a gigantic film on his back. Not to mention based on the AGE and LOOK of Mr. Hunnam I can see huge changes in the plot. Here's what I'm thinking:

The opening credits to be shot in quick cut form matching the 90210 opening sequence from the 90s.

Thor is like the totally brooding and quick tempered kid at High School. The bad boy nobody knows and won't take the teachers shit during Nordic God Gym Class.

After a fight with his dad he like gets totally angry and leave for Earth to chill out and try lattes.

He meets this AWESOME skateboarder named Donnie B. and they start totally grinding.

After an accident Donnie B. is hurt and Thor totally saves him by becoming one with him.

Now whenever Donnie B is in trouble or needs to land a serious trick he slams his skateboard down and becomes Thor.

Thor goes back to Asgard and finds the totally WACK loki has taken over the school.

Thor fights his henchmen and then after an epic dance off Loki and Thor become buddies in order to bring real justice back to the halls of Asgard High.

In the last scene Thor has persuaded Odin to bring Fall Out Boy to Asgard for his totally God like AMAZING birthday party complete with Rainbow Half Pipes.

That sound right to you guys?

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